What are your buying guides for building your gaming PC?

Sometimes, you feel intimidated when building your gaming PC, especially when you need a non-technical background. The process is now more manageable than you think because there is a guide to help you make one. It is like any problem where it enables you to break down the parts, like computer parts. The KidadoWeb gives you a comprehensive list from experience, so you don’t have to worry about which part is compatible.

Computer case

The case is one of the cheapest gaming computer parts. However, consider the size of your motherboard and any additional cooling systems or fans you plan to install when looking for a case.


It is the most significant factor in gaming performance. The CPU tracks data, and the GPU is responsible for taking it and showing it on your gaming monitor. They work together. When your CPU is not processing fast enough, your GPU’s visual output will slow.



CPU is also crucial in your desktop build. It is the soul of your PC and the differentiator between a competent gaming machine and a laptop for web browsing and word processing. The two main CPU chipmakers are both powerful processors for gaming. It is necessary to know that these popular computer part brands are incompatible and vice versa.


Under GPU and CPU, RAM plays an essential role in the performance of your rig. Your RAM needs will matter on what tasks you are trying to look for with your gaming PC when more than gaming. Most users get 8GB to 16 GB RAM. The minimum 16GB RAM is best for high-end graphic design and video editing workstations, but 8 GB is a good start for gaming. It is easy to upgrade your RAM in the future when your needs change, and you can add another stick to your motherboard.

Hard drive

It is a data storage device that can keep images, games, movies, music, and any files you like to keep. You must know the capability, a minimum of 512GB, when playing modern games. Some newer games can take up 200GB of space. When you like in-game services or app stores and want to avoid inconveniences, you can get 1TB or more. You don’t have to worry when you make a wrong choice and run out of space, as you can scale up later.

 Gaming PC

Gaming mice

There is a type of game you want to play that has the most significant impact on the gaming mouse you use. You should get a gaming mouse with many buttons when you play real-time strategy games or RPGs. When you play first-person shooters, you may use a mouse that is easy to use. But you can find a customizable gaming mouse when you like to play it at a different level.


Cooling keeps your GPU or CPU thermal output in check and optimal. It is necessary to overclock your gaming PC or perform intensive tasks in high-temperature places.

The best thing about building a gaming PC is that you can upgrade some parts and add RAM or SSDs whenever you like or have a budget. You cannot get this level of customization when you have a traditional gaming console. Building your computer is fun, and it runs the first time you use it.

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