Is Online Shopping A Threat To Local Retailers??

This is the era of technology where things happen with a click. Gone are those days when we had to wait for days to receive a letter or message, now in a click a message is sent. With the growing digitalisation phone and the internet has come into every hand and that made every individual online.  Who does not love shopping??? Shopping makes most of us crazy but what do you opt for online or offline??

Online shopping

With digitalisation, online shopping has shown a big hike and that is sure to pose difficulty to local retailers. People opt for e-commerce websites because

  • Online shopping saves time like travel time, there is no bounding on the time we can shop even at midnight or very early morning when we are free.
  • Shopping with the coziness of bed or office. No need of carrying packets or hopping from one shop to another or standing in long queues.
  • More variety and products are available, which are not available in retail stores.
  • E-commerce sites come with different and good discounts which attract customers.
  • There is no whole seller retailer or consumer system, the product comes from the warehouse and tracking the product has also become easy.
  • This hectic schedule has given a freedom from buying daily chores. From eggs, vegetables, fruits or milk we get everything with a click.
  • No pressure shopping as you solely decide what to buy, no sales representative can influence you. Nowadays virtual camera has made buying make-up products easy and we can try them too. Product details help in understanding the product.
  • Online transaction system has also popularized online shopping as many e-commerce sites give good deals on phones by using card or online payment.


  • Even the process of returning the item or cancelling it anytime gives full freedom to shop. COD system even safes us from fraud.

     Retailers nowadays not only face a problem from other retailers but these e-commerce sites are great competition for them. Providing customers with more variety and brands like e-commerce sites is not possible for retailers but still, there are some disadvantages of online shopping due to which some people choose a retailer than online sites. Buying dresses online can sometimes be a great risk. Sometimes the colour is not the same and sometime material is poor. Even size issues as we are unable to try it. Retailers give us that opportunity and the biggest thing is we Indian love to go shopping hopping from one shop to another.

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