Here are some top reasons to study LAW

There is a certain satisfaction when justice is served to the victims. When you see the accused get behind bars, deserving of their crimes, you cannot help but applaud the lawyer for fighting for the right cause and bringing justice. You think about how you too could contribute to the betterment of society. Although there are many ways through which you can serve justice to the people, LAW is the one thing that can equip you with doing it in a better and more efficient manner. That is why we have lawyers.

There are many sub-categories in LAW, but in all these categories, the main goal is to prevent any form of crime or corruption from happening and punish those who are trying to hamper the harmony of the country. By abiding by the LAW that every country has, you are contributing to a peaceful and just society. However, there will always be someone who will try to break the peace. This is where you come in. After finishing school or college, if you are confused about the next step, you can consider studying LAW. Here are some top reasons to choose this subject:

  • You can make a difference – The world today is cruel and unfair. We see a lot of unfortunate events taking place because no one bothered to listen to the victim or there was no fear of breaking laws. Many people will misuse a certain law to get away for selfish reasons. In these situations, we need a professional who is familiar with the law and can help the victims get justice. Someone who will fight for their right.
  • It is a well-paid job – This is no surprise that being a lawyer is not only a respectable profession but also well-paying. This is also because lawyers have to work long hours. The fees of a well-known lawyer may go even higher than average. Hence being a lawyer will give you financial security too.


  • It is a rewarding profession – Another point that should come as no shock to you is that being a lawyer has its rewards. Although it is challenging, given the complexities of certain cases you might have to tackle, the result where justice prevails is worth it. However, you need to be prepared to handle the intensity of your job as you level up.

These are some reasons why you should consider taking up LAW. Of course, there are many challenges you may have to face, and a lot of studying, but this can be a good thing towards your personal growth too. Moreover, knowing the law of the country has its perks.

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