Tips to choose the right vox tube amp

Concerning guitar amplification, nothing beats the warm, natural, and rich tones of a tube amplifier. Among the main brands in the business, VOX stands out with its recognized setup of tube amps that take special care of a great many melodic preferences. As you consider your next purchase, a few factors ought to become integral to ensuring you make the right decision. Here are a few key considerations while choosing the ideal vox tube amp for your requirements.

Tone and Sound Quality

The center allure of a tube amp lies in its remarkable tonal qualities. VOX tube amps are famous for their “English” sound, which is characterized by their splendid highs, warm mids, and rich lows. Not all VOX tube amps sound very similar. The AC30, for example, is known for its particular clatter and ring, while the AC15 offers a smoother and less forceful tone. Make certain to sample various models and measure which one requests your melodic taste and style the most.

Amplifier Power

Power rating is a huge factor when picking a vox tube amp. While higher wattage amps can reach higher volumes without distorting, they probably won’t be the most ideal decision on the off chance that you’re searching for an incredible tone at lower volumes. Lower-wattage amps, like the AC4 and AC10, can accomplish power tube immersion at additional reasonable volumes, making them appropriate for room or little gig circumstances.


Think about the particular features of every amp. Some VOX models incorporate underlying tremolo or reverb, an impact circle, various channels, and different information and yield choices. These features add adaptability, permitting you to shape your sound and adjust to different execution circumstances. Nonetheless, more features typically mean a higher price tag. Make certain to distinguish what you truly need and what you can live without.

Size and Portability

Size and portability are commonsense perspectives that need thought. Bigger models like the AC30 might convey a more full sound and higher volumes yet could be challenging to ship. On the other hand, more modest models like the AC4 or AC10 are simpler to heft around however may not do the trick for bigger settings. Choose a size that suits your way of life and gigging necessities.

Build Quality

VOX amplifiers are known for their hearty build and quality parts. Nonetheless, a few models could highlight unrivaled parts, build quality, and sound quality. The Hand-Wired series, for example, is fastidiously created and gives an unbelievably unadulterated and rich tone, but at a greater cost point.

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